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Most Valuable, Leave a Legacy Not An Inheritance

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Most parents leave an inheritance, but few put forth the effort to leave a lasting legacy. Money and stuff will not bring your children happiness after you are gone. Not leaving them a dime will also not make them happy. In this book David Chaney tells real life stories of parents who did things right and others who did things causing family disasters. It’s not about the money, it’s about your family values.

How will you be remembered? What foundation will you lay for future generations of your family? What role will your wealth play in empowering your kids for greatness or becoming a millstone around their neck?

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"I find it to be a great and easy read.  It’s impactful and once you start reading, you can’t lay it down until you finish reading it all.  It is one of those books that every parent should read when they are young to help guide them in raising children which we all know is not easy… and is getting harder in today’s crazy world. Loved the real life stories you share.  It is not just a book for wealthy people but one all adults can benefit from.... Believe this book will be of help to them to finalize those plans in a way that will meet the purpose of your book…and that is for them to leave a Legacy they will all be proud of that will benefit their current and future generations" 

- Dean York

"I read the entire book on Friday evening which is very unusual for me.  I really enjoyed it and hope we can put some of those lessons to use in our own lives."

- Jerry White

I wish I have had this book from day one of our conversations.  it is a soft, easy to understand introduction to the Family Bank and the importance of doing so and will help carry out my desire to pass on right & good values along with my valuables.  To have my posterity be positive, quality contributors to society, not a drain.

-Tony Weaver

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