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Colby Haggard, CEPA®

Colby Haggard, CEPA®

Executvie VP of Business Succession Planning

I'm on a mission to build strong families and help hurting people find healing. With a deeply rooted belief that the family unit is the cornerstone of a robust world, my purpose revolves around guiding families toward self-discovery and fostering a profound understanding of their values. Through this, I empower parents to raise resilient, self-driven children who, in turn, become the architects of generational blessings.

My vision is clear: chart a path toward a future where families are united, values are preserved and lives are impacted. I'm committed to illuminating this path for families in a way that resonates with their unique situations and challenges, helping them navigate through life's intricacies. At the core of my approach is a passion for forging connections. I thrive on building lasting relationships with those I engage, fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and growth. I consistently strive to bring authentic value to every interaction. For me, authenticity is paramount—there's no substitute for genuine human connection.

Currently, I hold the position of Executive Vice President of Business Development and Succession at Legacy and Succession. With licenses in Life, Health, and Disability Insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance, I devote myself to helping business owners develop succession strategies and assisting families in structuring legacy plans.

Outside of work, I am actively involved in my community, serving on the board of directors for the CARE Center and the Executive Board for the Oklahoma FFA Foundation I Believe Gala. I also volunteer as a Community Leader for the Switch program, working with students in grades 6 through 12. As a strong advocate for Hope Is Alive, I lead the Legacy of Hope sporting clays fundraiser.

Guided by the belief that we're all part of something greater, I revel in the opportunity to connect people and guide them toward their aspirations. It brings me immense joy to witness individuals flourish and become the truest versions of themselves, fulfilling the potential that they were divinely designed for. As I continue to pursue our shared vision, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of empowering families, healing hearts, and leaving a legacy of strength and transformation. Together, we are not just breaking chains; we're weaving a tapestry of generational blessings that will shape a brighter, more resilient world.

Colby Haggard is not registered to offer securities and advisory services and is insurance licensed only.