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For three generations, our focus has remained uniting families, upholding values, and effecting positive change in the world.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is about more than just passing down financial assets; it's about preserving your values, family history, and the impact you want to leave on future generations. Our Legacy Planning include:

Building Lasting Legacies

Building Lasting Legacies

Founded in 1967, we are a third-generation team of professionals committed to helping entrepreneurs and their families create a plan to live and leave a legacy that goes beyond finances.

We believe in values-based planning and take a team approach to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

What makes us truly unique

Traditional estate planning is broken, and because of that, families have been broken as well. Our number one goal is building strong families.

To achieve that goal, you must quantify your values, defining the life you live and how that translates into a legacy that will positively affect the next ten generations of your family.

What you believe in and who you are is a direct result of the events and experiences that have happened in your life.  It is our life’s mission to help families preserve and perpetuate those as the foundation for the future success of your family.

We strive to change the world by uniting families, preserving values, and teaching people how to make an impact through a life of generosity.

Our Commitment

We have been walking alongside families for over 56 years. Many of our current clients are third and fourth-generation. Our goal is to be here for your family indefinitely. That’s why we have our own 100-year plan in place to support every future generation of your family.

Collaborative & Dynamic Approach

Our commitment to a team-based philosophy is at the core of our success. We recognize that the challenges and opportunities our clients face are multifaceted and constantly evolving. By harnessing the collective knowledge of our in-house experts and our carefully chosen strategic partners, we engage in a collaborative exchange of ideas, strategies, and solutions, resulting in a more holistic and forward-thinking advisory process.

Most Valuable, Leave a Legacy Not An Inheritance

Most Valuable, Leave a Legacy Not An Inheritance

David Chaney's book is a must-read for anyone looking to learn from the successes and failures of real-life parents. By delving into their stories, he offers valuable insights into what makes a family thrive or crumble. With a focus on family values over material possessions, this book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a strong family foundation.

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